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This match was introduced in January 2017, and is usually held on the 4th Saturday of each month.

The BRSP 2-Gun shooting event is a dynamic practical shooting match which challenges your ability to shoot safely, rapidly and accurately at a variety of steel and paper targets from contact distance out to 200 yards.

You may choose to shoot a rifle and pistol, or a rifle and pistol-caliber carbine, or a pistol and pistol-caliber carbine. Iron sights, optics, compensators, and high capacity magazines are all permitted. Setup is at 9am, start at 10am. If you wish to attend, please arrive before 10am to sign up. We need a minimum number of shooters to run the event. Depending on the number of shooters, this match could run for 3-6 hours.

The cost to shoot the match will be $20. The total round count is approximately 125, assuming you don’t miss. It is recommended you bring at least 150 pistol-caliber rounds (for handgun or PCC at closer ranges), PLUS an additional 100 rounds for your long gun (centerfire rifle or PCC at longer ranges).

The safety rules are similar to other BRSP events. All guns must be centerfire non-magnum calibers, no high velocity bottleneck-cartridge pistol calibers, no steel or penetrating projectiles, and no tracer/incendiary ammo. All our matches are run on cold ranges, with no loaded guns allowed until directed by the Range Officer. Chamber flags are to be used, and eye and ear protection is to be worn at all times. Click below to download the full 2-Gun Match Rules.

BRSP 2-Gun Match Rules Feb 2017
BRSP 2-Gun Match Rules Feb 2017
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