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General Principles

All shooters compete for overall placement in the match. In addition to overall placement, shooters may also compete for Division-specific awards based on equipment type.

  1. Equipment requirements for the USPSA and IPSC, shall be governed by the respective rules and equipment criteria regarding firearm and holster configurations and rule interpretations.
  2. Failure to meet the appropriate USPSA/IPSC, rules and equipment criteria will disqualify the competitor from Division-specific award consideration. The competitor will remain eligible for overall placement awards.
  3. A competitor whose equipment fails to meet Division-specific equipment requirements may be moved into another Division in which their equipment qualifies, at the Match Director’s discretion (see 2.1.1)

Rimfire Pistol

Open to any pistol firing .22 Long Rifle ammunition (see “ammunition” rule 4.1.2). This event has two equipment divisions:

  1. Rimfire Open: This is the Rimfire race division. All legal rimfire firearms are allowed. Optics and Compensators are specifically allowed.
  2. Rimfire Iron Sights: Any Iron-sighted rimfire pistols without a compensator, barrel ports or optic sights. Fiber-optic sight inserts are specifically allowed.

Center Fire Pistol

Any pistol firing (9mm/.38 Special) or larger ammunition (see “ammunition” rule 4.1.1). This event has multiple equipment divisions as follows.

  1. Open: This is the race division! All legal firearms are allowed. Optics, Compensators, and any safe holster/position are specifically allowed.
  2. Limited: Any iron-sighted pistol without a compensator, barrel ports, or optical sight. Fiber optic inserts are specifically allowed.
  3. Production: Any double action or safe action pistol on the USPSA Production gun list. No Race holsters allowed.
  4. IPSC Production: Any double action or safe action. 1 4 handgun on the IPSC Production handgun list…race 1 5 holsters allowed per IPSC Production guidelines.
  5. Single Stack: Will be governed by the criteria in the USPSA handgun rule book. i.e. 1911 models only, no race holsters allowed.
  6. Revolver: Any iron sighted revolver without a compensator, barrel ports or optical sight. Fiber optic inserts are specifically allowed. No barrel length or holster restrictions. No restrictions for maximum rounds.

Steel Master

The Steel Master Award is a special recognition for the competitor with the lowest aggregate score in a combination of three matches: the Rimfire Pistol and each of two entries in Center Fire Pistol. (Example: Rimfire, Open, and any Iron Sight division), but no more than one open or optic sighted center fire division.

Long Guns

Long gun competitions may be run in the Steel Challenge. Rimfire rifle may use the Rimfire handgun rules, procedures and stages using the long gun start position. Various rifle and shotgun courses may also be shot under SCSA, with the courses using various metal targets.

Wildcat Divisions

Tier 1 & 2 matches may allow “wildcat” divisions to compete in the match. For example, Back-up guns, 5shot revolver, etc. This division may not be recognized in Tier 3 or 4 events.