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All handgun divisions will be recognized, including .22 LR open & limited, single & double -action revolvers, open & limited center fire pistols. You will need at least 100 rounds, if you never miss. (I’d bring more.)

Other equipment you will need (in addition to eye and ear protection): Holster, belt, magazine pouches for center fire guns; extra magazines (2 min.,5 recommended); gun rug for .22LR (will be shot from low-ready position, so no holster needed for .22’s).

Targets will be all steel (10″, and 12″ round plates, 18×24″ rectangles). This steel match will run according to Steel Challenge Shooting Association rules.

With a few exceptions, courses of fire consist of 5  non-reactive steel plates, one of which is a designated stop plate. Each shooter will shoot each stage 5 times, with the best 4 runs counting for score. Missed plates or late shots incur a 3 second penalty each. The match will  generally consist of 4 such stages.

Since there is no steel to reset, stages run quickly with squads simply needing to put fresh paint on the targets between shooters (and pick up brass if desired). No prizes the winner will have bragging rights for the month.