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Safety Rules

  • As previously mentioned, observe the COLD RANGE status at all times.
  • If you have a loaded firearm on you when you arrive at the range (i.e. concealed carry weapon or law enforcement/armed security duty weapon), head straight to a clear and safe location (any hot range ) and clear your weapon before proceeding to the match staging area.
  • Always be aware of your muzzle direction. Keep pistols holstered when not in use. If you must handle your firearm outside of the firing line, do it at the safety table with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction (remember you may not handle any ammo, to include dummy/snap caps at the safety table) and the bolt/action/slide must be in the open position.
  • Rimfire guns must be holstered, be cased, or have a chamber flag in place when not on the firing line.
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times for the duration of the match by shooters and spectators whether on the firing line or not!

Match and Equipment Rules

  • A retention holster is required for centerfire pistol. It must securely hold the pistol in place while the shooter moves around the range. In other words, the only time the pistol should be able to come out is when the shooter draws it from the holster.
  • Steel core/bimetal ammunition is not allowed since it damages our steel targets. Just plain soft core FMJ ammo will do just fine. If you don’t know if your ammo is has steel in it, use a magnet to check it. If the magnet is attracted to the projectile part of your ammo it has steel in it and may not be used in the match.
  • Minimum pistol caliber is .38 special for revolvers and 9mm for pistols. No magnum calibers will be allowed.
  • Hand loaded ammo must attain at least 750 fps.
  • All steel challenge divisions will be recognized.
  • No prizes will be awarded at this match. You only win bragging rights for the day.