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An Open Letter to all BRSP Members

The BRSP Board of Directors (BOD) has carefully considered the current membership system and is implementing some changes.

Currently, General Members are charged $119 per year ($99 per year Active Military and Seniors). “Exclusive Park Member”,  (EPM),  membership is $199 per year ($149 for Active Military and Seniors). There is also a Student Membership, for $10.00 per year, for those young shooters participating in leagues and other youth programs who are not covered under a family membership.

General members are charged a $5.00 range fee per visit for each individual shooting on the Rifle and Pistol ranges, and increased fees for shooting clay targets, that amount to $1.00 extra per round of 25 targets. EPM members do not pay the range fee, and shoot clay targets at the reduced rate.

Both General and EPM memberships are family memberships, which cover your spouse and children living at home under the age of 18 or age 23 with a valid student ID.

EPM Members have access to the facility from 7:00am to 10:00pm, seven days a week, 364 day a year, (excepting the annual Youth Day in June). The General class of members may only shoot during the hours the park is open, i.e. those times when the gate is open, and the park is staffed.

Recent events with respect to park access and other issues, including liability, have resulted in the Board of Directors (BOD) re-examining the classes of membership. At present only 4.4% of the membership is composed of members in the General Membership classification.

As a result of our review the BOD has elected to take the following action:

1.Effective 1/1/18 there will no longer be “Genera”l and “EPM” member, just “Members”.

“Members” will have all rights, privileges, and access currently enjoyed by “EPM” Members.

The annual cost of membership will be $199 ($149 for seniors and active duty military). Student membership will remain the same at $10.00.

  1. Current General Members will be allowed to continue in their current status until their membership expires at which time they will have to pay the increased membership price. Current General Members, who wish to do so before their membership expires, may immediately upgrade their membership on a pro rata basis.
  2. Anyone not a current member may utilize the park by paying for a $20.00 48-hour membership and paying the range fees for each shooter and increased clay target fees.

The BOD apologizes for any inconvenience that this change in membership structure causes, but we are convinced it is in the best interest of both the park, and the membership. Anyone who uses the park even just a few times a year will make up the difference in price between the current General and EPM membership fairly quickly with the savings on range fees and clay target costs after which there will be ongoing savings.

Dave Kaiser
President, BOD

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