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Request For Bids

Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park is soliciting a contractor to help finish the conversion of a conex into 4 bathrooms.  The contractor must be licensed and bonded to work in the Municipality of Anchorage. Bids must be submitted by 5pm on 22 Feb 2019. Work must be completed by 15 March.


  1. The project is to convert a 40 ft Conex into 4 bathrooms and 1 mechanical room.
  2. Work Performed to Date:
  • Septic system is installed but not connected to the conex
  • Conex is in welded in place on pilings
  • There is a 3 foot crawl space under the conex with access door
  • Door openings are cut and 4 of 5 door frames welded in place
  • Water and gas lines are buried between the R&P club house and Conex but not yet connected on either end
  • In-floor heat lines installed and concrete poured
  1. Materials on hand and to be provided by BRSP are:
  • Sheet metal roofing, decking and treated 2x8x12 for roof joists
  • 4 each sinks, mirrors, exhaust fans, paper towel dispensers, 2 ea. Commode
  • ½” plywood for sheeting to attach fiberglass wall coating in all bathrooms
  • Gas line flexible termination connectors
  • Boiler, fin tube sections and manifold (no Zone valves)
  • Electrical supplies to include breaker panel, outlets, switches, and wiring
  • ½” plywood for backing on walls
  • Electric water heater
  • Dry wall, tape and mud for ceilings and mechanical room
  • Doors and hardware
  • Metal Door frames
  • Job site and Items on hand may be inspected by appointment call 907-602-5218
  1. The contractor shall furnish all tools, labor, and manpower to successfully complete this statement of work.
  2. Please submit bids by email to . All bids must be submitted by 22 Feb 2019.
  3. Work must be completed by 15 Mar 2019.
  4. All materials necessary for the completion of this job other than the items listed in “C” will be provided by the contractor performing the work and should be included in bid calculations.
  5. All electrical work will be completed by a certified electrician.
  6. The Contractor will adhere to all NEC, OSHA, and any other federal, state, and local policies, laws and regulations.
  7. The contractor is responsible for the disposal of all waste and other materials that are created by this contract in accordance with site, local, and federal laws.
  8. The contractor will provide a complete serviceable and usable facility upon project completion.


Statement of Work to Be Performed:

  1. Installation of door frames and hanging of doors
  2. Wire Conex for electrical services
  3. Connect water and gas line from Rifle and Pistol Clubhouse. *Line is buried between the two buildings.
  4. Complete framing between rooms and as needed
  5. Cut and seal hole in Conex to accommodate vents, fresh air intake, exhaust vents, etc.
  6. Plumb building for water and septic systems, to include the following:
  • Install electric water heater and associated plumbing
  • Install all plumbing fixtures to include vents
    • Caulk and seals necessary
  • Install mirrors, hand rails and paper towel dispensers
  • The bathrooms will be:
    • 1 ADA compliant with urinal, commode, sink grab rails, etc.
    • 1 Male with urinal, commode, sink
    • 2 Female with commode and sink
    • Install paper towel, soap dispensers and mirrors
  1. Install drywall and fire tape mechanical room.
  2. Install drywall ceilings in bathrooms, to include the following:
  • mud, tape, and prepare for paint
  • paint where required
  1. install trim and cove base as needed in the bathrooms
  2. install 1/2 backer board for wall coating in bathrooms
  3. install exhaust fans, 1 each bathroom
  4. route gas and water line into mechanical room and plum/install as needed
  5. install and plumb Electric water heater
  6. install boiler and all associated heat system
  7. install a heating circuit/thermostat in the crawlspace to prevent freezing of underfloor plumbing/drain
  8. install a sheet metal roof with overhangs
  • Conex is 8’x40’
  • Roof will over hang 2’6” over the bathroom door side
  • Roof will over hang 6” on mechanical room side


Dale Andrews

Rifle & Pistol

Range Manager

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