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Brass Pickers Policy

The BRSP Board of Directors has decided to charge a fee for anyone that is picking up spent cartridges for profit (brass) on the BRSP property. This includes spent cartridges that will be sold for scrap, at gun shows and other commercial ventures. This fee will not be applied to the casual shooter that picks brass for their use.

The fee will be $10 per day per brass picker. The fee will be paid on the last day of the month at the Rifle and Pistol Club house during normal business hours.

The brass pickers will sign in with the RSO on duty before they will be able to start picking brass. If brass picker fails to sign in with the RSO they will be asked to leave the property, if this happens five times the picker will be banned for 30 days.

Brass pickers will only be able to pick up brass on unoccupied ranges. Unoccupied ranges are defined as no shooters on the range at all, whether they are setting up, shooting or tearing down and packing up.

Please see attached policy letter. Thank you for your cooperation.

Brass Pickers Policy Letter April 2018

04/30/18 | Club News, Rifle/Pistol News | Comments Off on Brass Pickers Policy

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