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Steel Fund Raising Shoot, Come Out and Try Something New!

Hello Shooters!


Here is a chance for you to come out and shoot some steel targets. Also, a chance to be coached on how to shoot each target by the Range Master Dale. This is going on Sunday April 23rd 2017 from 10am till around 6pm.


Targets that you will be able to shoot:

Center Fire Pistols (Non-Magnum)

  • Texas Star/ Whirly gig
  • Propeller Plate Rack
  • Spinner

Rimfire Rifles/Pistols (Non-Magnum)

  • Texas Star/Whirly gig
  • Spinner

Shotguns (Birdshot, no shotgun shells over 3” length, 1 ¼ oz of shot or  larger than #6 and must be lead.)

  • Texas Star/Whirly gig
  • Propeller Plate Rack
  • Spinner
  • Shotgun Flipper


Steel core/bimetal ammunition is not allowed since it damages our steel targets. If you don’t know if your ammunition is has steel in it, use a magnet to check it. If the magnet is attracted to the projectile part of your ammunition, it cannot be used.


This is a shoot to raise money for the club’s steel target fund. Its will be $1.00 fee per run through.

Cash only, please bring small bills.


In office is where you will need to Read the rules, sign in, and paid the Normal Membership Fees that/if applies. Popular pistol ammunition can be purchased in office if needed, as supplies last. For this we can take cards. (We cannot give cash back.)


This is for all ages and skill levels!

If there are any questions please feel free to call the rifle/pistol office at (907)-688-3967.

Thank you,
BRSP Management

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