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Violation of the rules on this page, the Shotgun Sports Rules page, or the Rifle & Pistol Rules page will subject violators to immediate ejection and forfeiture of all range fees! Range masters and management reserve the right to revoke your membership if you violate any of these rules!

General Rules for Both Ranges

  1. No guests, whether during business hours or EPM hours, without purchasing a guest pass during business hours.
  2. Always point your weapon in a safe direction when walking to the range. Keep weapons in a case or holstered, or carry them with the muzzle pointing up at the sky or down at the ground.
  3. Shotguns must always be empty and actions open, unless on station and prepared to shoot.
  5. No shooting will be allowed after consumption of alcohol, or after the use of drugs, legal or illegal, which affect a shooter’s ability to safely handle a weapon.
  6. Eye and ear protection is required at all times when on the range.
  7. Clay Target range starts at the bull rail.
  8. Rifle/Pistol range starts at the overhang.
  9. No profanity.
  10. No verbal or other abuse of members or staff.