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This match is usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The BRSP 3-Gun Match is a dynamic practical shooting match which challenges your ability to shoot safely, rapidly and accurately with centerfire (non-magnum) handgun or pistol-caliber carbine, centerfire rifle, and shotgun. All matches are under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. The rules for monthly matches are the same as for the Alaska State 3-Gun Championship, shown here.

The cost to shoot the match is $26 for BRSP Annual Members (EPM), and $36 for non-members. Slots for the match may be limited. Shooters are strongly encouraged to register in advance by signing up at If not enough shooters sign up by the day before the match, it may be canceled. If there is room we will allow walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shooters should be prepared to engage rifle targets from contact distances to as far as 200 yards (usually 100 yards maximum), pistol targets from contact distance to 40 yards, shotgun targets to 100 yards with slugs and to 20 yards with shot. To complete a course of fire (called a stage), you may be required to shoot one, two or all three guns.

This is a physically challenging event. You may be required to move safely around the range with loaded firearms, shoot from various positions, shoot targets that move, or shoot while you are moving. You may have to reload or safely clear your firearm during the stage. You may be required to shoot pistol using both of your hands, your strong hand only or support hand only. You may also be required to shoot your long guns from either shoulder.

Your score is the time it takes you to complete the stage plus any penalties assessed. Penalties include hitting a target that is designated as a no-shoot target, missing a target, not hitting the target in the required amount of time, or not complying with other specific requirements for the stage.

The stages for 3-Gun matches will be different each match.


Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun Open

  1. Rifle:  Dual optics, magazines of any capacity, and bipod allowed.
  2. Handgun:  Optic, compensator, and magazines up to 170mm in length allowed.
  3. Shotgun:  Optic, porting, detachable box magazines, and speed loaders allowed.

Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun Tactical

  1. Rifle:  Single magnified optic, offset iron sights allowed, unlimited magazine capacity, no bipod.
  2. Handgun:  Iron sights only, magazine length up to 140mm double stack, 170mm single stack.
  3. Shotgun:  Iron sights only, capacity 9 + 1 rounds maximum, no detachable magazines, no porting, no loading devices.

Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun Production

  1. Rifle:  Single non-magnified optic or iron sights, magazines up to 30-round capacity (coupled magazines o.k.)
  2. Handgun:  Iron sights only, 10 + 1 rounds to start, magazines loaded to maximum 10 rounds.
  3. Shotgun:  Iron sights only, 8 + 1 round maximum capacity, no loading devices.

Rifle / Pistol Caliber Carbine / Shotgun

  1. Rifle:  Any rifle from the above divisions is allowed.
  2. Pistol Caliber Carbine:  Open optics, compensators and magazines of any capacity allowed.
  3. Shotgun:  Any shotgun from the above divisions is allowed.

Ammunition Requirements

You will need a minimum of 125 rounds centerfire rifle, 125 rounds pistol/PCC, 35 rounds shotgun bird shot, and 5 rounds shotgun slugs. Bring extra in case you miss! No ammunition that attracts a magnet is allowed. This includes steel core bullets, bi-metal jacketed bullets, military green tip or armor piercing bullets, or steel shot. No magnum or bottleneck cartridge pistol calibers. No shotgun shells over 3” length, or shot larger than #6. Shot must be lead.  Reduced/low recoil slug loads are recommended. The annual State Championship 3-Gun Match has additional ammunition requirements detailed here.


Please see match rules for equipment requirements within each division. Sig braces and any variant thereof are permitted. Compliance with federal and state laws is the responsibility of the competitor. Handgun conversions are allowed, provided they meet all PCC criteria. No PCCs may use magnum or bottleneck cartridge calibers, or .30 Carbine rounds. Registered Short Barreled Rifles are permitted, providing the competitor is in compliance with all applicable laws.

Handguns require a holster that must cover the trigger, and retain the handgun during vigorous movement. Magazine pouches are recommended (at least 1 for rifle and 2 for pistol).

You will need a method for carrying extra shotgun shells (load-two vest, 4 x 4 carrier, dump pouch, etc.) Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended. Slings are not required, and are generally not used.

Matches generally involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages, and engage targets in a variety of different positions.

Most stages will require the shooter to transition between different firearms.

Recommendations for New Shooters

Read the rules and come prepared, but don’t feel you need to purchase a lot of extra equipment initially. Come and see what other shooters are using and recommending.

Know your rifle zero from 7 to 100 yards. Come early to your first match with a good attitude, help set up the match, and introduce yourself to the Range Officer and other shooters.

Wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors during the match, which will usually run between 4 and 6 hours. Work gloves are recommended for helping to set up, tear down, and reset stages.  Bring water, snacks, lunch, bug repellent, sunblock, etc. For additional information, please phone (907) 688-3967 during normal range operating hours.