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Our BRSP Beginner’s League provides an introduction to fun and friendly competitive shooting in a safe, structured environment.  Each week is a different course of fire which will encourage you to shoot safely, accurately and efficiently at a variety of targets. The league will start easy, and gradually progress with coaching by the Range Officer.

This 10-week league is suitable for beginner and novice shooters, and those new to competitive shooting.  Participants must be a BRSP Annual Member  (EPM).  Shooters may use either a centerfire handgun (non-magnum caliber), .22LR handgun, .22LR rifle or a pistol-caliber carbine (non-magnum, no bottleneck cartridges).

COST:  $75 for 10 weeks.  You will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition per week.

There are four consecutive leagues each year – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Shooters will be assigned a 1-hour time slot on either Wednesday or Thursday evening. The time slots available are usually 6-7pm, 7-8pm and 8-9pm, but we may open an earlier time slot if the league fills up. 

The course of fire each week is called a “stage” and each stage may include falling and non-falling steel targets, paper targets, and moving targets. There may be one or more timed “strings” which make up a stage. Shooters may be required to move about the range to engage the targets so sturdy footwear is required. Targets will be engaged from as close as contact distance (paper targets only) to as far as 50 yards.

The league shoots for 10 weeks, but only the best 8 weeks for each shooter will count towards the final score. There will be no make-ups for missed weeks. Shooters completing less than 8 weeks are encouraged to continue shooting the league, but will not be eligible for prizes. At the completion of each league, there will be a dinner and awards night.

To shoot the league you will need the following equipment and ammunition:

  1. Eye and ear protection.
  2. Minimum of 50 rounds each week (assuming zero misses, so bring extra – 100 recommended).
  3. Suitable belt and holster for the centerfire pistol (holster must cover trigger guard and retain the pistol securely during movement).
  4. Case or chamber flag for any .22LR pistol and rifle/carbine.
  5. Clothing and footwear suitable for shooting outdoors.
  6. At least 3 magazines for each firearm, or 5 for single-stack pistols. More is recommended.
  7. Centerfire pistols must be .38 special/9mm or larger caliber, non-magnum, with a muzzle velocity not less than 700 fps and not more than 1250 fps.
  8. Pistol-caliber carbines must be a centerfire, non-magnum caliber. No bottleneck cartridge calibers permitted. Muzzle velocity must be not less than 700 fps and not more than 1500 fps. Drum magazines are not permitted.
  9. We do not allow the use of rifles with tubular magazines which load from the muzzle.
  10. All firearms configurations must be in compliance with applicable laws.

For additional information please see the Adult Rifle/Pistol League Rules page or contact us at (907) 688-2809.