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Reserving a Range

Effective May 3 2019, the following policies and procedures are in place for renting our rifle and pistol ranges.

Please read this page in its entirety and also the policy document at the bottom before beginning your reservation.

We no longer accept range rental requests by phone. All rental requests must be sent via email to Requests must follow the standard format shown below, which you may copy/paste into an email and then add your information.

Range Rental requests will be made via email sent to The email must include the following information:

  1. Date of Rental
  2. Group/Agency renting the range and POC (Point of Contact) with phone number;
  3. Member Number (if applicable);
  4. Email address for sending invoice;
  5. Lead Instructor/Range Safety Officer’s name and phone number;
  6. Types of firearms that will be used;
  7. Minimum and maximum distances from targets;
  8. Number of persons on the range during the rental;
  9. Start and end time to include set-up and tear down;
  10. Special requests (e.g. renting barricades, extra target backers, etc.).

A safety plan may be requested by the Chief Range Safety Officer depending on the type of event. If warranted, an organization may be required to pay for a BRSP RSO.

Annual Requests:

Annual range rental requests can be submitted between 1-14 of December; approved invoices will be emailed to the POC before the 2nd week of January. The Renter has 7 calendar days to pay the booking fee from receipt of invoice. If the booking fee is not paid, the rental request will be canceled. On January 15 the final rifle/pistol range rental calendar will be published.

Ad Hoc and Other Requests:

After January 15 rental requests should be submitted as early as possible, but no less than 14 calendar days prior to the event. Short notice requests will incur an additional $75 expediting fee. Any range rental longer than 8 hours will be charged at the rate of $25 per hour for each additional hour. This charge applies if any equipment, props or other items are left on the range before or after the rental period.

Rental Fees

 For-profit and government agencies (local/state/national): $250 for up to 8 hours of exclusive use of a single range.

Not for profit organizations: $200 for up to 8 hours of exclusive use of a single range.

$100 is a non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee that should be paid at the time the reservation is made. If multiple range rentals are being made a $100 booking fee applies for each day’s range rental. The remaining balance for each rental must be paid in full by the end of the event.

Late payments will be assessed a 25% additional surcharge for each week the invoice remains unpaid.

Range Rental Terms and Provisions

Target Backers

For all range rentals, BRSP will provide up to 10 target backers and bases if requested for use with rifle, pistol and shotgun (slug only) activities.  Additional target backers are available for use for $5 each. Target backers must be returned in a useable condition with frames intact.  Do not shoot at them with buckshot or birdshot. If the target backers are not useable when returned, a $20 fee per backer will be charged. New target backers may be purchased for $20 each, and should be requested at the time of the booking to ensure they are available on the day of the range rental.


Propane heaters may be provided at a cost of $35 for an 8-hour period and $5/hour for each additional hour. Lead Instructor/Range Safety Officer will be briefed on the safe use of the heaters and will be responsible for briefing their students.

Gate Access Cards

If range rental begins or ends outside of regular BRSP office hours, a gate access card can be provided to the to POC or designated individual. A $50 deposit will be required for each gate card and which will be refunded when the card is returned.

Inclement Weather

BRSP does not allow for cancellations or rescheduling due to weather. If weather is so severe that the BoD or BRSP Management closes the range for safety concerns, the event will be rescheduled with no additional cost to the renting organization.


Cancellations require a 7 calendar day notice by email to Any cancellation forfeits the booking fee, and cancellation without a 7 calendar day notice or a no show still requires full payment of the invoice.

 Safety, Liability and Insurance

  1. All range rentals must have an Instructor/RSO or a qualified individual responsible for safe use of the range;
  2. All shooters, instructors and spectators must sign a BRSP liability waiver, and follow posted BRSP safety rules. Failure to follow BRSP safety rules will result in the range rental being stopped. The renter will remain liable for all outstanding fees.
  3. Proof of liability insurance is required for groups that are engaging in fee-based  activities and all for-profit groups;
  4. For-profit groups must show proof of a valid business license.

Please note no reservations will be taken for the 1st Saturday in June, as this is reserved for our annual Youth Day event.


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