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  1. The league runs for 10 weeks, and the cost is $75 for one gun, $150 for two guns, or $225 for three guns.
  2. The best 8 weeks for each shooter will count towards their final score. There will be no make-ups for missed weeks. Shooters completing less than 8 weeks are welcome to continue shooting the league, but will not be eligible for prizes.
  3. The league is held on weeknights, usually Wednesday through Friday from 6-9pm. Specific time slots will be determined at the beginning of each league.
  4. Dinner and awards night will be held at the completion of the league.
  5. There will be a mandatory safety and scheduling meeting before each league begins, which all shooters must attend. Shooters will request a time slot when they sign up at the meeting.
  6. Shooters must be a BRSP Annual Member (EPM) to participate.

Adult League Rules

  1. Equipment needed
    1. Eye and ear protection.
    2. Rimfire rifle must be a semi-auto .22LR with detachable box magazine.
    3. Rimfire pistol must be semi-auto .22LR with detachable box magazine, or a .22LR revolver with speed loaders or moon clips.
    4. Centerfire pistol must be a semi-auto with detachable box magazine, or a revolver with speed loaders or moon clips. Minimum of .38 Special/9mm caliber, non-magnum, using rounds with a muzzle velocity no less than 700 fps and no more than 1250 fps.
    5. Pistol-caliber carbines must be a centerfire, non-magnum caliber. No bottleneck cartridge calibers permitted, and no .30 Carbine. Muzzle velocity must be not less than 700 fps and not more than 1500 fps. Drum magazines are not permitted.
    6. Suitable belt and holster required for centerfire pistols, the holster must cover the trigger guard and retain the firearm securely during movement. The holster must be mounted on the hip or thigh, or appendix position. No cross-draw, small of back, etc. Shooters may not draw from concealment.
    7. Enough magazines or speed loaders per gun to hold a minimum of 50 rounds.
  2. Course of fire
    1. Stages may include falling and non-falling steel, paper targets, and moving targets.
    2. Shooters will need a minimum of 50 rounds per gun each week, assuming zero misses. Recommend bringing 100 rounds.
    3. Targets will be engaged from contact distance out to 40 yards.
    4. At the start signal shooters will be allowed a full magazine plus one in the chamber.
    5. Shooters will start each course of fire with the safety on.
    6. Shooters will be expected to help reset and tape the stage when not shooting.
  3. Scoring
    1. Any deviation from the scoring below will be explained in the stage briefing.
    2. On most stages, a shooter’s time will be their score. This time will be adjusted for misses, procedural penalties and handicaps.
    3. All non-falling steel must be hit to score; misses will incur a +10 second penalty.
    4. All falling steel must fall to score; steel that does not fall will incur a +10 second penalty.
    5. When paper targets require two hits to neutralize, only one hit will add +5 seconds to your score; no hits on paper will incur a +10 second penalty.
    6. All targets designated as no-shoots will incur a +10 second penalty for each shot on target.
    7. Shooters must complete at least 8 weeks of the 10-week league to be eligible for prizes.
  4. Safety
    1. Eye and Ear Protection is mandatory at all times when on the range.
    2. All matches will be run on Cold Range.
    3. Definition of a Cold Range – nobody will handle or load a firearm unless they are directed by the Range Safety Officer.
    4. Any shooter carrying open or concealed when arriving at the range, please proceed to an active range and clear the firearm before attending the league.
    5. Firearms may only be handled and/or displayed in a designated safety area. No firearm may be loaded in a safety area. No ammunition (including dummy ammunition or snap caps) may be handled in a safety area. Range flags may be removed when at the safety table to cycle the action. The flag must then be replaced before leaving the safety table.
  5. Shooters will be disqualified for:
    1. Any negligent or unintentional discharge.
    2. Any round fired that strikes the ground within three feet of the shooter.
    3. Any round fired over the berm.
    4. Finger on the trigger during a reload or movement when not actually engaging a target.
    5. Dropping a loaded firearm.
    6. Sweeping or pointing a loaded firearm at yourself or another person; this includes when drawing and re-holstering.
    7. Breaking the 180.
    8. Handling ammunition or simulated ammunition at the Safety Table.
    9. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

The first time a shooter is disqualified, their score will have a time penalty of 5000 seconds added as a placeholder. They will stop shooting immediately for the evening, and will not be allowed to re-shoot that week’s stage with any guns. Existing scores shot with other guns prior to DQing will stand. Shooters who DQ will not be eligible for prizes, but are encouraged to continue shooting the remainder of the league. If a shooter is disqualified a second time in one league, they will not be allowed to continue shooting the league and will forfeit all monies paid and will not receive any prizes.

  1. Shooters will choose to compete in specific divisions by equipment type, including:
    1. Rimfire rifle, iron sight
    2. Rimfire rifle, scope/optic
    3. Rimfire pistol, iron sight
    4. Rimfire pistol, open (scope/optic and/or ported)
    5. Centerfire pistol, iron sight
    6. Centerfire pistol, (scope/optic and/or ported)
    7. Centerfire single-stack pistol or revolver, iron sight
    8. Centerfire single-stack pistol or revolver, open (scope/optic and/or ported)
    9. Pistol-Caliber Carbine, iron sight
    10. Pistol-Caliber Carbine, scope/optic
  2. Awards
    1.  Prizes will be awarded to high scoring shooters in each division, following the completion of the league. The number of placings awarded prizes will depend on the number of shooters in the division.
    2. Additional awards may be presented for achievements by Junior shooters, Lady shooters, and Military/Law Enforcement Shooters.

For further information please contact the Rifle and Pistol Range at (907) 688-3967.