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This is a fun competitive .22 rimfire rifle league designed to teach safe rifle handling and develop basic marksmanship techniques.

Shooters: This league is for shooters aged 10-17 who are BRSP Annual Member dependents, or BRSP Youth Members. It is appropriate for all skill levels. Shooters must be able to follow directions and handle rifles safely.

ScheduleWe offer four 10-week leagues a year, shooting in half-hour time slots each Monday evening on “F” Range. Spring league usually starts Feb/Mar, Summer May/Jun, Fall Aug/Sep, and Winter Nov/Dec. Dates for each upcoming league will be announced to members by email, social media and on the BRSP home page. 

Cost:  $60 for 10 weeks.  Shooters will need at least 30 rounds of ammunition per week. To sign up and pay, new league shooters and parents must attend the league introduction and safety session before league starts. 

All shooting will be done under the direct supervision of a Range Safety Officer, but a parent or guardian must be present with each shooter during the league. If another adult brings your child, they must have with them a Release of Liability signed by you (ask for one at the range or download and print one here). Parents may assist with limited coaching of a shooter so long as this does not interfere with the RSO conducting the league.

The league starts with targets at 13 yards, and the distance gradually increases out to 40 yards by the final week. Shooters must use “.22 Long Rifle” ammunition only (no magnum or other variants), with separate divisions for iron sights and scopes/optics. Shooters may use any bolt action or semi-automatic rifle which is safe to shoot, but we do not allow rifles with tubular magazines which load from the muzzle. Shooters are encouraged to use their own rifles, but may shoot a club rifle each week if they need to.

When signups are open, parents of returning shooters may sign up and pay using their member account, or in person at the Clubhouse. Any shooters who have not shot this league before must attend a league introduction and safety session on the range, which will take approximately 2 hours. A parent must also attend. Shooters should bring the same equipment they will have each league night. Returning shooters are not required to attend this session. 

Youth Membership: non-member parents may sign their child up for an individual Youth Membership. This will allow them to participate in Youth League (and other BRSP leagues or organized events) without being part of a family membership. Please note, this type of membership does not permit access to the range for shooting outside of these events. 


  1. An appropriate .22 rifle, preferably in a rifle case, and a chamber flag. We have spare chamber flags. Shooters should practice with the rifle they’ll be using before league starts, including loading ammunition into a magazine, inserting and removing a magazine, opening and closing the bolt, operating the safety, and aligning the sights with a target. Sights need to be zeroed for 13 yards before arriving the first week.
  2. At least two magazines for rifles that use them, more if available. Five is best. Shooters are encouraged to pre-load each magazine with 6 rounds before arriving to shoot league.
  3. At least 30 rounds per week, but bring extra in case of duds. The maximum velocity allowed is 1300 feet per second (this is usually written on the box, or search online). Decide on one type of ammo which works reliably and accurately in your rifle, and stick with it. If you change ammo, re-zero the rifle
  4. Eye and ear protection for shooters and parents. Consider anti-fog glasses for the colder months and sunglasses for the brighter months. Prescription glasses may be suitable if they completely cover the eyes. Wear either earplugs or earmuffs, depending on comfort. Slim electronic ear protection often works best.
  5. Appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor shooting. Shooters will be outside for 30 minutes or more, and will shoot better if more comfortable and less distracted. During the warmer months consider comfortable shoes, a ball cap, and insect repellent. In the colder months, wear warm boots, layered clothing, gloves, hand warmers, and a warm hat. Bring ice cleats each week in winter. If conditions become icy, we may require cleats to be worn by everybody on the range for safety reasons.
  6. A good attitude!

We have a limited selection of club rifles available for use during the league. Using your own rifle is best, as the sights and other features can be personally adjusted to the shooter. But if you don’t have a suitable rifle, or your rifle has problems on a league night, we’ll have one of ours there ready to use.

Shooters compete for 10 weeks, but at the end of the league only the best 8 weeks for each shooter will count towards the final score. This means if a shooter misses one or two nights during the league, they may still be eligible for awards. At the completion of each league, there will usually be a potluck dinner and awards night with door prizes for shooters. 

Plaques are presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in any division with four or more shooters signed up. If there are three shooters in a division, plaques are for 1st and 2nd place only. With two shooters, only 1st place gets a plaque. And with only one shooter, no plaque. 

Please read our full Youth League rules

See this page for some useful tips on safety and shooting techniques.

For our advanced league shooters, we now have a more challenging option – Prone Precision KYL.  

Youth League scores are here