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Youth Beginner’s League Video

This 10-week action shooting league provides an introduction to fun and friendly competitive shooting in a safe, structured environment. Each week is a different course of fire which will encourage you to shoot safely and accurately at a variety of targets. Shooters will be coached each week as they gradually progress throughout the league.

This league is for shooters under 18. Minimum age is 13, but exceptions may be made for experienced younger shooters. Shooters must be either a BRSP Youth Member, or a dependent of an annual member. The cost is $60 per shooter. You will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition per week, but bring extra.

The league is suitable for beginners and those new to competitive shooting. Shooters may use either a centerfire handgun (non-magnum caliber), .22LR handgun, .22LR rifle or a pistol-caliber carbine (non-magnum, no bottleneck cartridges).

All shooting will be done under the direct supervision of a Range Safety Officer, but a parent or guardian must be present with each shooter during the league. If another adult brings your child, they must have with them a Release of Liability signed by you (ask for one at the range).

The league shoots for 10 weeks, but only the best 8 weeks for each shooter will count towards the final score. There will be no make-ups for missed weeks. Shooters completing less than 8 weeks are encouraged to continue shooting the league, but will not be eligible for prizes. Awards will be presented at the completion of each league.

To shoot the league you will need the following equipment and ammunition:
1. Eye and ear protection.
2. Sturdy and comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing.
3. Minimum of 50 rounds per week (assuming zero misses, so bring extra – 100 recommended).
4. Suitable belt and holster for the centerfire pistol (holster must cover trigger guard and retain the pistol securely during movement).
5. Case or chamber flag for any .22LR pistol and rifle/carbine.
6. At least 3 magazines for each firearm, or 5 for single-stack pistols. More is recommended.

Please note:
1. Centerfire pistols must be .38 special/9mm or larger caliber, non-magnum, with a muzzle velocity not less than 700 fps and not more than 1250 fps.
2. Pistol-caliber carbines must be a centerfire, non-magnum caliber. No bottleneck cartridge calibers permitted. Muzzle velocity must be not less than 700 fps and not more than 1500 fps. Drum magazines are not permitted.
3. We do not allow the use of rifles with tubular magazines which load from the muzzle.
4. Rifles and pistol-caliber carbines must have a stock attached. Pistol stabilizing braces or equivalent are not permitted. Registered Short Barreled Rifles are permitted, providing the competitor is in compliance with all applicable laws.