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Becoming a Member

Copies of the ranges rules are on the Safety Rules page and on display at both clubhouses. Additional copies of the rules are available upon request. All members must read and understand the Range Safety rules. All members must agree to abide by these rules at all times.

All EPM members must agree that, as Exclusive Park Members, they may use the shooting ranges unsupervised if desired and will not hold management, employers, or club directors responsible for an incident, accident, or loss occurring on the park at these times. All EPM members are responsible for knowing and abiding by the posted rules at the shotgun, rifle, or pistol ranges, and enforcing them for guests. All EPM members are responsible for reporting any safety concerns or violations to management so that the problems can be corrected.


Membership Print Form

Download, print and complete two copies of the following application for submission at the club offices during operating hours.

Membership Application
Membership Application
Version: 2018
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