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Meet Your Candidates – Election Bios

The 2020 BRSP election opens on Monday, April 13th. This year’s election will take place electronically and instructions for voting will be emailed to all members on Monday. The biographies for the members who declared for the 2020 election are included in the link below: 2020 BRSP Election Bios

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Promatic Cards for Sale

As of 6pm tonight, the RSO will have Promatic cards for sale. They will cost $100, and have $90 of targets and a $10 deposit. Cash only. When the office is back open you can turn your card in and receive your $10 deposit back.

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Park Re-opening Tuesday for MEMBERS ONLY

Dear Members, The BRSP board met today to discuss on the ongoing changes related to the ongoing COVID-19 issues. Specifically clarification from the governor’s office as well and a DHS memorandum that included the gun industry as critical infrastructure. This combined with the work our staff has already done to comply with recommendations for social distancing and continuous cleaning of our facilities allowed us to determined that we can comply with the recommendations for operating the park under specific conditions. After a lengthy discussion, the BRSP Board of Directors determined that BRSP could be re-opened as long as certain parameters were followed: 1. The Park will re-open to EPM (annual) members only on Tuesday March 31st, and will be open from 8am – 8pm. 2. An RSO will be on duty and will be checking cards at the gate, or on the range. If you see an RSO (individual in an orange vest) please stop so that they can check your member card. Please hold it so they can see your expiration date without difficulty. We may change the process for entering the range based on what is practical for staff. 3. For the time being, there will be no cashier or open office hours. If staff members are in the office do not go inside or ask that they assist you. 4. Maintain appropriate distances from other members and all staff. This means at least 6 feet. If you disregard this rule you will be told to leave the Park. 5. If you do not feel well, have traveled recently, or have household members that have traveled recently, DO NOT come to the Park. 6. Ice cleats are a 100% requirement at this time. The parking lot is extremely icy and last week we watched many members fall because they were not wearing cleats. We will not have ice cleats available to rent at this time and it is a requirement that you wear them. 7. A trapper will be present 3 – 4 times/week. Machines may run out of clays or fail to work when nobody is present to help you. Please inform the RSO before you leave so that we can fix this the next time the appropriate staff member is present. 8. R/P shooters must pay the range fee if your membership requires you to do so. Bring exact change, a punch card or show your annual pass. 9. No guest allowed at this time. 10. We still have a number of staff who are volunteering their time to serve you. Be respectful, exhibit patience, and cooperate with everyone during this challenging period. Any anti-social behavior will result in you being asked to leave. The board and staff will continue to monitor this situation but expect changes with very little notice. We will continue to use email and Facebook to keep members up to date. The board would like to add that our staff is still working minimal hours and a number of them are not working any shifts. As previously announced we have created a fund to support them. You can mail a check to the club or use the GoFundMe website we have set up ( Sincerely, Scott Henderson Board President

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BRSP Closed Until Further Notice

Dear Members, The Governor issued mandates on social distancing and intrastate travel which begin today, Saturday 28 March. To comply with these mandates, BRSP will be closing to our members effective immediately until 11 April or further notice. If you have not seen the mandates, you can read them in full here: We will keep in touch with everyone as the situation evolves. The board is grateful to all of our members who have continued to support the range during this challenging period. We wish all of you health and wellness in the upcoming weeks. After our previous communication, several of you reached out asking how they can help to support our great group of employees during this challenging time. Many of you have already contributed and we cannot thank you enough for the support. We have also created a GoFundMe page to make it easier to contribute and to get the word out. Please share and consider contributing if you can. Link to Go Fund Me page: Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you back on the range. Scott Henderson, Board President

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BRSP Response to the “Hunker Down” Mandate

Dear Members, Yesterday the board and management staff held an emergency meeting to determine the best course of action for BRSP in light of the Mayor’s “Hunker Down” order. We know that we are an outlet for our members to spend time in the outdoors and are also aware of our responsibility to our community. As such, beginning Monday March 23rd and continuing through March 31st we will be limiting park access to EPM (annual) members (and family) only. Leagues, events and range rentals are cancelled during this period. Gate access will be limited from 8am – 8pm daily. After today we will have a cashier present during these hours on Monday March 23 only, so please come and purchase clay targets and rifle/pistol punch cards before 8pm Monday so you can continue to enjoy the Park during the “hunker down” period. We also ask that while at the park you continue to follow safe distancing protocol. As the clubhouse will be closed, there will be no check-in process. An RSO will be checking membership cards either at the gate or on the range. Only EPM annual members are permitted during this time and no guests will be allowed. As you can imagine, the current situation is placing undue financial hardship on the club. We are furloughing the majority of our staff but will have an RSO present to continue to manage access and safety, and a trapper will periodically load our clay target machines. Purchasing clay targets, range punch cards, and ensuring your membership is up to date will help BRSP stay afloat during these challenging times. Thank you for your continued membership and support of BRSP. Scott Henderson, Board President Melissa Himes, Executive Director

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Range Updates

Greetings Shooters, We know that many of you are stressed or frustrated during these unusual times. We want to continue to be a healthy outlet for our members while being responsible given the constraints of our environment. BRSP is open for your recreating. In order to keep the Park safe and enjoyable for all, we are putting the following measures in place: 1. We are limiting the number of shooters at each rifle/pistol range. The number will be posted outside each range house. You may need to wait outside the range house until a space becomes available. An open table does not mean that a space is available. 2. On Saturday and Sunday, B and C ranges will be designated for our annual (EPM) members in order to provide them with dedicated shooting space during our busier periods. We also encourage EPM members to utilize EPM hours to avoid wait times. 3. On Saturday and Sunday the clubhouse will be open for check-in and fee payment only. Please note that lines may extend outside to avoid crowding. Please keep your gear in your vehicles. 4. We are continuing to sanitize our clubhouse and bathrooms on a regular basis. We will continue to make changes based on the changing situation. Please be patient and calm as we endeavor to serve you in a safe way. While we are continuing to hold both rifle/pistol and shotgun leagues, if you are uncomfortable participating please call and speak with an operations manager to discuss your options: (Dale for Rifle/Pistol and Zech for Shotgun). We want to make sure everyone feels safe. There is a closed event being held this weekend, and it is being conducted with proper distancing. We also will have steel set up on G range this Sunday for your enjoyment.  Please know we value all of you and are thankful for your membership, and are happy that we can be a place for recreation and stress relief! Have a great weekend and press on.

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BRSP Response to COVID-19

Dear Members, As an outdoor shooting facility Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park is taking the following measures to limit the spread of COVID-19: Regularly sanitizing the clubhouse and bathrooms; Removal of several tables in the clubhouse to create more distance between individuals; Limiting clubhouse occupancy to 25 members; and  Requesting that our members limit their time in the clubhouse outside of checking in for recreational shooting or their event. If you are an event organizer and would like to reschedule your event date, please communicate with one of our operations managers (Zechariah Meyer for shotgun; Dale Andrews for Rifle/Pistol).  Please note that the above may change as circumstances change. Enjoy the spring weather and keep washing those hands! Sincerely, Melissa Himes, Executive Director Scott Henderson, Board President

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NOTICE: To all Members of Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park.  The BRSP Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, May 2, 2020. Four (4) Directors will be elected this year to a three-year term. All interested, qualified candidates that wish to serve should submit their statement of interest/biography that includes your photo, limited to one single page, no later than April 3, 2020 at 5:00 PM. Minimum qualifications for office include being a Member in good standing for at least one (1) year prior to May 2, 2020.  If you are interested in running for one of the four (4) Board seats please email your 1 page statement of interest/biography that includes your photo to Ed Jackson, Election Chairman at Statements of interest/biographies that do not meet the requirements above will be returned.  All statements of interest/biographies must be received by 6:00 PM Friday, April 3, 2020, for consideration.  Eligible candidate biographies will be made available on the BRSP website for all to review. The election period will open Monday April 13, 2020 and close Wednesday April 29, 2020 at 5:00 PM. Every eligible voting member will receive an email with the ballot and voting instructions. You may cast your vote online from your home computer or smart phone. For those that may not be so computer savvy we will have a voting kiosk set up in the clubhouse so you can cast your vote. The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting.  Thank you for your interest and support. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at  BRSP Board of Directors *Scott Henderson – President Bill Batson – Vice President Justin Larkin – Secretary *John Barnes – Treasurer Ed Jackson – Director Gerald Atol – Director Dana Stewart – Director *Incumbents 


Friends of NRA Grant Awarded

Friends of NRA just awarded Friends of BRSP a grant for $18,700. This award will be used to widen H range and hydroseed the berms, providing much needed additional shooting space. We are grateful for partners like Friends of NRA as we work to improve our range facilities. Thank you FNRA!

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Random 5 Stand fun shoot on Saturday 2/15

100 bird fun shoot on 2 fields for $50. This shoot will have 5 sets of report pairs from each station with 13 machines on each field. No menus to help develop those skills. We will also have crusher birds for prizes. Shoot starts at 10:30 on Saturday 2:15 and last squad starts at 3:30. Sign up in the clubhouse or by calling 907-688-2809

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Spring 2020 Youth, Beginner, and Adult Leagues!

Our Spring 2020 Leagues are kicking off! Join us at the mandatory safety meeting to sign up for weeks of fun!  

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Congrat to our Fall League winners!

Bear League: Show Hawks Ptarmigan/Carpet World L&K Refrideration 5-Stand League: Shot in the Dark Hot 2 Trot Pesi

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