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A Big Thank You to Garrett Crump!

Youth shotgun shooter and Eagle Scout Garrett Crump built five beautiful gun racks and donated them to Alaska SCTP-YESS and BRSP. Garret chose this project as his final BSA Eagle Scout project because he wanted to be able to contribute and give back to AK SCTP-YESS.  Garrett did everything for this project, from design to completion, while also soliciting donations and obtaining help from his Troop. 

As Garrett’s dad stated, “the evolution of completing this Eagle Scout Project both demonstrated, and reinforced, the essential values of initiative, leadership, team-building, and philanthropy.  These skills are not only important in Boy Scouts, but also in being an athlete in AK SCTP-YESS, and most importantly in becoming a responsible member and future leader of our community.”

Thank you Garrett, we are so grateful!


05/08/19 | Club News | Comments Off on A Big Thank You to Garrett Crump!

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