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Membership Dues Increase

Dear BRSP Member,

For the past three years your board has been working to put the club on a solid financial foundation.  There have been a number of changes as part of this long term plan.  A long cold stretch this winter followed by the COVID 19 operational restrictions has forced the board to accelerate the final steps of the new financial plan.

After a great deal of deliberation the board unanimously voted to raise annual dues to $375.  This dues increase was announced at the annual meeting but the board wanted to provide the membership with some insight to the reasoning behind the changes.

In addition to the change in dues we will be making the following changes to fees and operations.

  • This club will become an annual membership only club.  2-Day membership has been eliminated. 
  • The $3/day R&P range fee will be eliminated.
  • Membership will be capped at 3400. 

These changes have been put in place to address operational issues at the park such as:

  • Address years of deferred maintenance.
  • Initiate a capital improvement program.
  • Build an emergency fund for situations similar to the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Become a true members club.
  • Improve the member’s experience by limiting access to the club’s facilities to members and their guests.
  • Eliminate overcrowding on the Rifle and Pistol ranges. 
  • Recognizing members are the backbone of the club by moving to a business model that recognizes this. 

The board will be hosting two question and answer sessions so that members have a better understanding of the changes.  These sessions will be Saturday June 6th and June 13th from 4:00 – 5:30pm at the main club house.  We strongly urge any member with questions to attend one of these sessions.  In addition to these two sessions questions can be emailed to

The board has invested significant time in preparing information to better communicate the operational and financial decisions.  Please take time to review these documents before you ask questions.  These documents are a summary of the decisions made and why. 

The membership price change will be effective July 21st, 2020.  The board has put in place several policies to address this change.

  • Members whose expiration dates occur on or after July 21st, 2020 will not be allowed to renew early at the current fee.
  • Anyone left with a value on a punch card or who purchased an annual unlimited pass will be credited or refunded a prorated amount. 
  • A monthly payment option will be available. 

 During the first year of the new fee structure, we will be offering a discount to current members who pay in full when renewing.

In addition to the price change there will be follow on announcements to address operational changes as we move into the new business model.  These changes when fully implemented will improve everyone’s experience at the park and allow us to operate more efficiently. 

Change is not easy but it is necessary and your board has invested significant time in this plan to secure the future of the park, improve the member experience and make the park operations more efficient. 

Your board would like to thank you for your continued support and patience as we move forward. 

Financial Analysis:


Fee Schedule:

Your Board members:

Scott Henderson – President
Bill Batson – Vice President
John Barnes – Treasurer
Justin Larkin – Secretary
Clover McNeil
Dana Stewart
David Arieno
Gerald Atol
Sarah Stallone

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