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New Membership System Roll-Out

Dear Members,

Beginning 21 July 2020, Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park is transitioning to a new membership management program called Club Automation. This software will improve our ability to communicate with you, give you greater visibility of our activities and ease in signing up for them, speed up your check-in process, and facilitate paying fees.
To ease in the transition to this new software we are rolling it out in phases. Phase 1 begins on July 21st and will be addressing your check-in process and membership renewal. You will be given a new member card – similar to a member loyalty card at a grocery store – that you will place in front of a scanner. You will then be given your wristband and be finished with check-in. During Phase 1 we will also begin handling all membership renewals through the front desk, either on the phone or in person. For renewals you will only need to provide payment information so it will be quick and easy.
Phase 2 which we hope to have completed by mid-August will provide you access to your new member portal. Through the portal you will be able to update your information, sign up for activities, reserve RV spots and pay any outstanding fees. You will also be given the ability to have a monthly billable house account if you choose. During Phase 2 we will begin to integrate SMS text messaging if you choose to opt in for this service. While we do not plan on using this frequently, range-wide it will be utilized to announce unexpected cancellations or closures and when we require ice cleats. On a smaller scale we will utilize it to provide information to specific user groups and event participants.
Closely following Phase 2, Phase 3 will bring our mobile app online. This app will give you some of the functionality of your member portal and an easy to use club calendar, in addition to integrating your membership barcode so that you can use your smart phone for check-in at the front desk. The app will also enable non-members to have visibility on what is going on and we hope spark interest in future membership.
Finally, Phase 4 will replace our RFID card readers at the gate with barcode readers. You will be able to use either your member card or your smart phone to open the gate if you have our app installed.
As we begin Phase 1 next Tuesday, when you come to the club to check in please allow a little extra time as we will be asking you to verify your information along with taking your picture to attach to your membership profile.  By having your picture on file we will no longer need to check your ID. We will initially have extra staff on hand to keep things moving, but please be patient with us as we begin to implement this new system.
We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future and are convinced this transition will make your experience at Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park more informed, efficient and enjoyable.
Melissa Himes
Executive Director

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