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Turkey Shoot 2019

Turkey Shoot

24 Nov 2019, $10 per entry; everyone needs to sign in at the main office before attending the event. Event will be held on C Range. Please be on time for the event. This event will be run on a cold range, no loaded guns until directed by the range staff to load.

First and second place will win a Turkey and third will win a Ham.

Please read course of fire below

Centerfire Rifle course of fire 12:00 PM

A 12-inch round MGM flash target will be set up at 100 yards. You will have 3 rounds to get one hit on the target. Start position will be gun loaded with three rounds, muzzle on x and safety on. At the start signal you will have 30 seconds to fire up to 3 rounds. Every person that hits the target will move back 25 yards and do it again, continuing until we reach the benches or there are only 3 shooters remaining. Then the course will change to a single shot within 20 seconds, with those who miss eliminated until 1st 2nd and 3rd place is decided. If you are eliminated at the first shooting distance, you may pay to reenter one more time.

Shotgun course of fire 2:00 PM

Shotgun and ammo will be provided, you must use our guns and ammo. You will have one round to shoot at your paper target, closest pellet to the X wins. You may enter up to 5 times. Top three contenders will shoot off for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Centerfire Pistol course of fire 4:00 PM

Two strings

1st string, start position is handgun loaded with safety on, muzzle pointed at the cone. At the start signal fire 5 rounds on the paper target. Bull scores 0, next ring 1, second ring 2, third ring 3, last ring 4 and anything outside of the 4th ring scores 10. The lower the score the better.

2nd string, start position is handgun loaded safety on, muzzle pointing at the cone. At the start signal you will have 10 rounds to knock down the plate rack plates. This will be timed, any plates left standing will add 5 seconds each to your score.

Total score will be the combination of both strings. Lowest score wins.

Rimfire Pistol course of fire 6:00 PM

Same as centerfire pistol course of fire.

If you have any question email to

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