Safety & Policies

Violation of the rules on this page will subject violators to immediate ejection and forfeiture of all range fees! Range masters and management reserve the right to revoke your membership if you violate any of these rules!

General Rules for Both Ranges

  1. All members, guests and other users are required to sign in each time they enter the range. A wristband will be issued and each member will be required to wear the wristband in a visible location.
  2. Any guest must be on a guest pass and be accompanied by the member at all times.
  3. Children (anyone 17 years and younger) must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times when on the property.
  4. Always point your firearm in a safe direction when walking to the range. Keep firearms in a case or holstered, or carry them with the muzzle pointing up at the sky or down at the ground.
  5. Shotguns must always be empty and actions open, unless on station and prepared to shoot.
  6. No shooting is permitted after 10pm.
  7. No shooting will be allowed after consumption of alcohol, or after the use of drugs, legal or illegal, which affect a shooter’s ability to safely handle a firearm.
  8. Eye and ear protection is required at all times when on the range.
  9. The clay target ranges start at the bull rail.
  10. The rifle/pistol ranges start at the overhang.
  11. No profanity.
  12. No verbal or other abuse of members or staff.
  13. No smoking in range houses or on shotgun fields or at the bull rail. Please smoke in designated areas only.
  14. Dogs are permitted only on leash or under the voice control of the owner. You must pick up all dog waste. Dogs with temperament problems are not permitted on Park grounds.

Pistol & Rifle Rules

General Pistol & Rifle Rules

  1. Eye and ear protection is mandatory on all ranges at all times. The range starts at the overhang.
  2. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded
  3. Keep the muzzle pointed down range at all times.
  4. Keep actions open and unloaded and finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  5. You must call the range HOT (handling and shooting of firearms allowed) and COLD (all guns unloaded and actions open) yourself, before people can go down range
  6. Actions must be open, bolt face visible, and magazines removed when people are down range.
  7. Ensure the firing line is clear/COLD before going down range.
  9. Shoot only targets in or on provided target frames, or an equivalent frame. Targets must be an appropriate height so all rounds will impact the berm without ricocheting off the ground.
  10. Shooting rocks, bottles, cans, food, etc. is unsafe and strictly prohibited.
  11. All metal targets must be at the base of the berms or tall enough that if you miss the target the rounds will impact the berm.
  12. Ensure all rounds directly impact the backstop/berm without striking the ground first. If your rounds are not hitting the backstop/berm, adjust position of your target on the backer/frame.
  13. No centerfire rifles on F or G ranges. No pistols on A, B, or D ranges.
  14. When shooting shotguns: you may only shoot slugs at our target backers. Birdshot may be shot into the backstop/berm only with the permission of the Range Safety Officer. If you destroy BRSP target backers with birdshot, you will pay $10.00 and be asked to leave the range.

Shotgun Range Rules

If you have any questions about these rules please ask before proceeding to shoot. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by management before shooting.

General Shotgun Sports Rules

  1. Actions must be open at all times when not on station and prepared to shoot. Break open guns may be closed when placed in a gun rack but must be opened immediately upon removal.
  2. Firearms must be carried unloaded and with actions open and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction with fingers off the trigger.
  3. Do not load the gun until you are on your station and you are ready to shoot.
  4. The gun must remain pointed down range while on station.
  5. While on station, the gun must remain pointed in a safe direction (up or down) with the action open and unloaded.
  6. When finished shooting a station the gun must be empty and open before stepping off.
  7. Eye and ear protection is required for everyone forward of the “bull” rail.
  8. For safety reasons, members may not go forward of the designated firing areas or handle machines.
  9. The rental guns may only be used with factory loaded shells – no reloads.
  10. Pistol type shotguns may only be used with the prior approval of management.
  11. This is a target range, the use of shot larger than #6 is prohibited. Shot shells in excess of 1400 FPS are not allowed.
  12. No steel shot allowed.

Additional Trap, 5-Stand, and Skeet Rules

  1. Shooters moving from any position on the trap fields must walk behind other shooters.
  2. When moving from one station to the next, the gun must be open and empty.
  3. During registered events, shooters may not fire at any targets other than their own.
  4. Only one shooter may shoot at a time.
  5. No more than 5 shooters will be allowed to squad together at a time.
  6. Any time the Puller/Trapper is down range loading the machines, guns must be unloaded with the actions open. An orange cone on top of a trap will indicate the presence of a Puller/Trapper tending to the machine. Do not attempt to shoot when an orange safety cone is present.
  7. No more than one shell may be loaded during singles games, and no more than two shells may be loaded during doubles games. In the case of 5-Stand or Wobble, two shots may be fired at a single target. The only exception is when shooting a 3 In the Air Event.
  8. While shooting Skeet or Super Skeet, the muzzle of the shotgun must never be pointed in such a manner that it crosses behind the orange safety poles mounted on the skeet houses.
  9. When shooting regular Skeet, all shooters must shoot the High 8 bird before any shooter shoots the Low 8 bird/target.
  10. The shotgun patterning board is for shotguns only. The patterning board can be used only when there is no activity on Trap 5 or Skeet A.