Managing costs and providing value to membership is but one task that both the Executive Director and the Board of Directors through the  F&P committee is tasked with. One of those items the F&P committee has been focused on recently is the review of clay target pricing.

It’s no secret that costs of goods and services  has risen significantly over the last three years and BRSP has not been  immune to such increases. Our club runs through just under 1.2 million clay targets per year and is projected to throw even more in future years.  Getting those targets from the manufacturer to the field isn’t a simple process and efforts to minimize costs are continuously made.

The good news is that the F&P committee has recommended that the price currently being charged for clay targets is to remain unchanged until such time that the data analysis shows a change is warranted. This will insure that any future change in price is both justifiable and fair to all BRSP members that participate in any of our sports that utilize clay target.