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RV Policies for 2020

Dear RV and Tent Campers,

BRSP is endeavoring to keep our RV and tent camping sites available for our event users during the summer of 2020. Given the current government regulations related to COVID-19, please read and adhere to the following:

  1. RV and tent camping spots will only be made available if you are participating in a multi-day event on the park. You will be permitted to arrive the day before and you will need to leave the day after your event.
  2. All RV spots are open, however no double parking in RV spots will be permitted.
  3. Only 15 tent camping spaces are available on a given day. If your group requires additional tent camping spaces please contact BRSP via email and we will discuss your situation with you:
  4. You will be required to arrive during our open hours only. No late arrivals will be permitted this year. We are requiring 100% check in at the time of arrival, and we will guide you to your slot. Do not park in your slot until checking in and speaking with a BRSP staff member. If we are closed on a day before your event we will make special accommodation for you, and will contact you beforehand.
  5. BRSP clubhouse bathrooms will have restricted hours for showering with a “one in one out” policy and time restrictions on use.
  6. The BRSP clubhouse will not be open for general use.
  7. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  8. We request that only members of the same household stay in an RV or tent together.
  9. We strongly urge participants that are within commuting distance to not stay on the park. We know that these events are a time to socialize with your fellow shooters from other parts of the state, but please remember our unique circumstances this year.
  10. The rates remain the same from last year and are posted on the website.

Thank you for your continued participation, and wishing everyone success at their events.

BRSP Management

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